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We are pleased that you will be training at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and/or
Miller Children�s Hospital for your clinical training.

In order to train at our hospital, you must complete the following requirements for clearance
as house staff member:

  1. EPIC Web-based Training
  2. HIPAA Web-based Security Training
  3. Infection Prevention Self-Directed Web-based Training
  4. Medical Staff Access Code Confidentiality Agreement
  5. JCAHO Environment of Care Standards Module
  6. Check-in Application

You will need to complete the above requirements in the order that they are presented.

MemorialCare�s mandate for vaccination in our Influenza Protection Policy requires that all employees, physicians and volunteers receive:

  1. mandatory annual vaccination with all influenza vaccines recommended by the CDC
    by December 1st of each year or
  2. wear an appropriate mask at work from December 1 through March 31 or the duration of the influenza season.
Unless we see increased early local influenza activity, we will be using the deadline of December 1st as the implementation date for either receiving the vaccine or wearing the mask.

• Medical residents, students, contractors, temporary staff and vendors who provide patient care services will be required to obtain proof of appropriate vaccinations, as would anyone who has received it �off-site.�